M&A and buy-back

Yesterday we disclosed that kakaku.com,Inc.(kakaku hereunder) agreed with Nikkei group that kakaku would acquire webCG by 66.5% though at this moment this is just a basic agreement.

Kakaku holds many contents relating to car business like price comparison of car insurances, used cars’ estimation and search engine services, auto parts like car navigation, tires, and so on.

I can not say at this moment about the deal size but can assure you-all that depreciation and amortization cost of the goodwill is negligible and thus does not make any significant impact on this fiscal year’s projection of kakaku. 

Linking webCG’s contents with such our own contents would improve usability and our traffic which I do believe augment our business performance next fiscal year.

On the other hand, we also decided to buy back our own shares by 2.5 million stocks.  By this deal, it is expected to keep ROE as high as 40% or even higher at this fiscal year end or March 31st, 2015, and improve EPS.

These deals would surely contribute to our existent shareholders and I promise to maintain such philosophy from now on.

Minoru Tanaka

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