Growth of this company

So many of our shareholders ask me how long we can continue this growth pace, very often. Probably because,,Inc. was established in 1997 and it already passed 17 years and therefore they think this company is now mature, then thus present growth pace might be a bit difficult.

From outsiders’s perspective, it might sound reasonable. However, from my point of view, it is ridiculous. For example, have 770 thousand restaurants registered, in which just 95 thousand restaurants have IDs and passwords to be membership, of which only 31 thousand restaurants are using our paid services for advertisement. So, penetration for monetization is 4%. There is so big room for us to expand our business.

As for, first thing I want to mention about is that e-commerce penetration in Japan is still 3 to 4%, which is much lower than USA or Europe. But, in accordance of Japan’s population aging, more people, including myself,  must prefer online shopping.

I do promise that, Inc. in consolidated basis would develop new business or verticals and improve ARPU of existing services day by day and augment our corporate value much longer than anybody can expect.

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