Overviewing 3rd quarter of this fiscal year

Yesterday we disclosed our business performance of 3rd quarter of this fiscal year.

Sales volume and operating profit of this quarter was JPY7.6 billion and 3.8 billion respectively in consolidated basis.

I am very confident that we could surpass our own target of this fiscal year, but more important thing is that we must prepare for the next year. As for kakaku.com, we would release new function that would enable our users to purchase at our registered retailers using kakaku.com’s ID while our registered retailers can omit their workload to upload price information once they apply this system.

As for tabelog.com, we would accelerate online-reservation services dramatically, collaborating with our sales agents, which are already exsisting partners for advertisement business.

Furthermore, for our subsidiaries like 4travel.jp, we would inject kakaku.com’s human resources and expertise to revamp its business.

Looking forward to talking you-all for more details in the near future.

Very best regards,

Minoru Tanka

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