,Inc. has been doing its business in domestic market very long time since its establishment, year 1997.

Now our price comparison web-site, is viewed by approximately 45 to 47 million people in monthly basis while’s monthly users are already 52 million people.

Very recently we expanded our services aboard to Phillipine, Thailand, and Indonesia under the name of (its webservers are in Japan and no expatriates or rep office overthere. All its operations are done in Japan.) .

Though its traffic is still very small when you compare it with, its growth rate is very high as shown on

Because I myself used to be expatriate in the past and witnessed that so many Japanese companies tried to penetrate into foreign markets and failed, this company was and still is conservative about going out abroad. But from now on, we would accelerate such activity a bit while mitigating risk tied to it.

I am looking forward to talking about this including more details very soon.


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