Disclosure of June’s performance

Yesterday, we disclosed UU and pageview data of our major websites, kakaku.com, tabelog.com, 4travel.jp, eiga.com and sumaity.com.

My own impression on this data is pretty good. And furthermore, I am very sure that such good traffic trend directly contributes to monetization.  For example, in the same disclosure, we reported that number of restaurants using paid services is approximately 17,000, number itself and its ARPU of which is better than our initial projection.

Alos in the last month, we added new services in kakaku.com like comparison of Japan’s ISA and morgate loan for new borrowers. Be kindly requested to wait a moment for more new ones this month, too.

Looking forward to talking to you all, one-on-one basis, very soon in the appropriate timing.

Very best regards,

Minoru Tanaka


カテゴリー: to foreign users and investors, カカクコム関連 パーマリンク